Sailing school

Sailing school

Learn the rudiments of sea navigation on recent equipment and have an adventure with the Riviera Sailing school.

Rent a windsurf board and follow the wind


At the Watersports Centre you can try windsurfing  for great sensations from the very first session. For beginners and more experienced enthusiasts, we have all sorts of equipment, ranging from the most basic windsurfer to funboards with straps and harnesses.



Because the little ones want to learn too...

The “Dériveur” beginners yacht, the ideal learning boat for little ones. Perfect for a first experience with only one sail to work. You can also have a more sporty experience with professional adjustments, solo or in tandem for beginners.

From 6 years old.







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Discover the joys of sailing a catamaran.


Throughout the season the Riviera Sailing offers catamaran sailing so that you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea in a magnificent setting.

Stable and rapid, come and discover the bay of St Tropez in the heart of the gulf.







We propose you for renting : 


- Hobie Twixxy

- Hobie Cat 15

- Hobie Cat 16


From 11 years old




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