Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle

We also love to take our time when in holidays… Explore the delighting area on your Stand Up Paddle departing directly from the beach in Port Grimaud.



Live an unforgettable day in the heart of Saint Tropez Bay 

Stand Up Paddle also called SUP is an original way to discover the coast. Either you are standing or sitting on the board, you will slide on the water with feelings close to surfing. However you do not need to know how to surf to go paddleboarding. Use the paddle to easily move forward and always stay close to the board thanks to the leash … just like for surfing.  



Let’s be ready for an awesome summer season !


For this new season, we are proposing SUP Yoga. No mystery here: we will associate Yoga and SUP. These two activities are complementary, their benefits will be tenfold. The dizziness of the paddleboard on the water will accentuate  the benefits of yoga et will increase focus, balance and muscular strength while bringing you inner peace and well-being. Practicing yoga sup will connect you to nature in a calming environment. Our instructors will kindly welcome you : you will meet on the beach for a first introduction to basics of doing yoga on a paddleboard. Then you will all walk out on your SUP board to calm water. You will start practicing slowly so you can get used to the floating surface.


Do not forget to book your session !

Paddle SUP equipment

Riviera Water Sports will provide you inflatable paddle board adapted to both beginners and advanced players. We will also furnish paddle and lifejacket. We will provide you the most recent well maintained and high quality equipment.


The height of the paddle is key. Our team will adjust the paddle to your height so you can fully enjoy the experience of paddling.


Our team always attentive will give you all the tips to enjoy the ride et perfectly master the art of paddling on your SUP.

What to wear for SUP ?

If you paddle more than half an hour, we highly recommend you to wear a UV protective top and a boardshort to wear on top of your swimwear. The reflection on the water can be terrible so protect yourself. A highly protective and waterproof sun cream is mandatory.


Do not forget your cap and sunglasses. If you can, choose polarizing sunglasses so you can enjoy the incredible clear waters of the Gulf of Saint Tropez and look at sea floor.

3 good reasons to try SUP

  • It’s easy : unlike stereotypes, you just need a board designed for beginner to start SUP. Choose a sunny day without wind and make sure the sea is calm. The great asset of stand up paddle is that you will start in a safe and stable. You will easily find your markers. The board is wide enough to quickly find your balance. You can also check the rudder plank : bigger is the rudder plank, easier it is to be steady on the board. We tame then need to tame the paddling movement which dive into the water, and miracle, you start moving forward. Your movement must be broad and you need to get water far away in front of you and to dive the paddle vertically into the water so you will cruise straight forward. Then take the paddle back to you along the board without bending the arms. You will quickly guide yourself.
  • It’s sporty :  you will develop your muscles without realizing while you will enjoy sunbathing. Paddling will muscle your arms. Finding balance on the board will make you contracting abs and back : you will definitely improve your core muscle strength. You will also make your ankles work. For the most advanced of you, choose a less wide board to keep improving your balance.
  • It’s friendly : you can easily guide and orientate your board, stay close to each other and laugh a lot. You can even be 2 persons on one board.

Safety reminder

When you will get your paddleboard rental, our team will kindly remind you some safety rules. Keep in mind that you can go far away without noticing, so pay attention to the safety area defined by the water sports center. Do not forget that the distance limit from the coast is 300 meters. Always keep your leash.


It is mandatory to know how to swim. Kids can go paddling on their own board as soon as they can swim.