Discover the RIVIERA WATER SPORTS centre with a wide range of activities and services, open from 1st June to 15th October.

The RIVIERA WATER SPORTS centre is delighted to welcome you to Port Grimaud, the only leisure activity centre in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. 

We propose a range of water activities with a motor or sails, and support from our internationally renowned service-provider, UCPA.


The RIVIERA WATER SPORTS centre is open to the public from 1st May to 15th October.



There is a wide choice of water activities and sports, accessible to all, supervised by a team of passionate qualified instructors. With the centre, you can take full advantage of the amazing setting of the Gulf of Saint Tropez from the sea.


Do you need some information, advice, or simply want to partake in your passion? Our team is available throughout the whole season. 

It is recommended to book directly at the water sports centre for all activities. Come 20 minutes early for greeting and explanations which are not included.

Come and relax at our water sports centre.

Discover many activities and explore the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

  • Jet ski without a boat licence
  • Jet Ski with boat licence
  • Hire boat
  • Towable Tubes
  • Wakeboard/ Water Skiing/ Mono Skiing
  • Pedalboat
  • Parasailing
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Kayak
  • Optimist
  • Windsurf
  • Catamaran
  • Yoga Paddle

Drive motor boats on a calm sea or on waves

Have fun and improve your navigation skills.

We propose different jet ski sessions!


Learn how to drive in a peaceful environment in the morning on calm waters (30 minutes). The crafts may be authorised for anyone aged over 16, but not everyone has the same skills when it comes to handling speed.




Or in the afternoon, on a rougher sea, for a sporty session and non-stop jumps in the swell (20 minutes). We also propose 2-3 hour outings to combine water sports with a cultural tour.




You can choose from either individual or group classes in 5 day courses to learn more about different activities.










Water ski / Wakeboarding



You want to try it all?

You are keen and curious to try all the different activities? Don’t worry. We propose “cocktail courses” which give you the opportunity to try several activities.