Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Enjoy riding on waters and come water skiing in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Tropez

Tarifs & détails

Try winter slide feelings...on the water

Water skiing is a must when it comes to water activities. Enjoy the sensation of speed while standing up on the water. The supports are similar to mountain skiing and our instructor advices will help you to be as comfortable as on mountain skis if you are already practicing. Master quickly the basics and live astounding feelings.


You can choose monoskiing, an intense activity that will provide same feeling as water skiing but with one single ski. You will live unexpected feelings of power and speed.


Have fun with our qualified team !

Our instructors will guide you while practicing water skiing whatever level you have, from beginner to advanced. You will benefit from high quality lessons. Start enjoying the ride with one or two ski, learn some new figures : our dynamic and skilled team  will be attentive and will provide you all the best tips to have a great moment. They are happy to share their passion for water skiing and give you an unforgettable moment in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

Which equipment for water skiing ?

Ski are appropriate for all levels. Our team will give you the most designed ski for your profile. You should know that the ski for beginners are wider as they give more stability when ski for children are shorter and easy to handle. 

We want you to have the best time of your life so we are ensuring that we have a recent and high quality equipment. All our equipments are regularly checked and carefully maintained.

We will provide you lifejacket, rope and ski.

Are you a beginner ?

No worries, our team is here to make you discover and enjoy water skiing. Always with an instructor, you will learn how to get up on your ski and to slide on the water quickly.  You can even dare to try some figures if you want to. 


Before heading to the water, you’ll get your landmark on the beach. Our team will show you the right position to start.


Nothing simpler that getting up on your ski : you can put your ski either on the boat (easiest solution) or once you are in the water. When you are in the water, you just need to grab the handle of the rope and let you float thanks to your likejacket.  The boat will be into neutral position.


Prepare yourself to stand up : sit in a cannonball position. Your knees are squeezed together and your legs are fully bent. Ensure that your arms  are flexible, the elbows should remain outside of your knees. Keep your head up and look toward the boat. Tell the boat driver that that you are ready to go.


Now be careful : you should not stand to quickly as it always happened with new water skier. Do not resist the pull of the boat by straightening your knees ...or you will sink and fall. Keep as long as you can the canon ball position. Wait for 4 or 5 seconds and then you can slowly push with both legs to stand up. Congratulations, you did it ! You are water skiing ! 


We highly recommend you to choose a beautiful sunny day with calm water and no wind to serenely enjoy your initiation. Usually early morning is the best moment, that’s why all our lessons are scheduled from 8.00 am to 10.00 am.

Some basic safety rules.

You must wear your lifejacket at anytime, our instructor will be there to check. This is helping you to float at the beginning of the session.


You will evolve in a dedicated area for water skiing so you can safely enjoy your time.


Notre zone dédiée au ski nautique permet d’évoluer en toute sécurité.


You must know how to swim to water ski.