Make the most of your day by kayaking and travelling alongside the magical coast between Grimaud and Saint tropez.


Tarifs & détails

Go sea kayaking and explore the highlights of Gulf of Saint Tropez 

Our wonderful team is welcoming you whatever you want to go for a quiet initiation or long ride on beautiful mediterranean sea. Sea Kayaking is suitable for everyone so come and enjoy breathtaking landscapes sliding on crystal clear water.




We are offering two packages to fully enjoy your moment :

  • Sea Kayak Rental : sea kayaking on your own in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Tropez is a must to live one moment of a lifetime. Go and head out onto the water to see small creeks, inlets and all the beauty of the French Riviera in a new light

Your kayak rental

  • Welcoming and providing equipment: all our dynamic and warm team will welcome you to Riviera Water Sport Center. The team will then provide you all the necessary equipment : kayak for one or two persons, paddle and life jacket.  We are also furnishing you with a watertight container to bring all your belongings during your kayaking time.  Our instructors will be pleased to show you how to reach the best spots for resting and picnicking. They will give you all the information about the weather and safety. Choose the perfect on water itinerary according to your rental length and what you want to do.
  • Cruising : just enjoy your ride and let the kayak slide on the transparent waters. Go and explore the gulf wonders, get lucky and discover every nook and cranny only accessible by boat. Have a break and picnic in a quiet and peaceful location before going back to the water sport center. Keep some strength for the way back and always pay attention to the distance with the coast. Be prepared to be amazed by the beauty of the surroundings.  

What to bring for a great kayak ride ?

A sea-kayak ride is great opportunity to stop along the way : dive into clear water, enjoy some sunbathing, be amazed by secret creeks, and stop for picnic. Do not forget to bring sandwiches, enough drinking water as you can quickly become dehydrated, some sun cream, a cap et sunglasses. Following the weather, take a UV protective top, or a windbreaker if the weather is windy

Sea Kayak Equipment

Our sea-kayaks are two-seater crafts that can be used by 1 adult, 2 adults or 2 adults and a child.  We are offering kayaks with very high stability and a self-emptying cockpit. Our kayaks are easy to handle and can be used by beginners or advanced users. You can go for an initiation or an all-day ride across the Gulf of Saint Tropez.


Our instructors will provide you a Double-Bladed Sea Kayak Paddle fitting your height, so you can cruise comfortably. Lifejacket is mandatory and will be furnished to guarantee your safety.


Kayaking has never been so fun ! With friends or family, enjoy a unique way to discover the beauty of Saint Tropez bay and its surroundings.