Sledding, having some thrill and fun : come and get the best of a wakeboard session in Port Grimaud in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

Tarifs & détails

Enjoy freedom and ride 

Towed behind the boat, get unrivalled feelings of wakeboarding:  gain speed, feel some lightness, try some figures, all of these in the idyllic surroundings of the Gulf of Saint Tropez close to Port Grimaud.


Wakeboarding is a demanding sport  but easy to reach if you want to get quickly your first slide feelings. Our qualified instructors are here to guide you and will help you to get the best of you session. 

Wakeboard session : how ?

We want to make sure that you benefit from the best riding conditions so our slots are in the morning from  8.00 to 10.00 am, on demand. One session is 10 minutes. You will note that it is more than enough to get the first sensations without being exhausted.



Our team will welcome you in our water sports center, Riviera Water Sports in Port Grimaud. Our team will provide you all the equipment. If you are beginning with wakeboard, you should choose a day without waves. Your initiation will be eased. 


After a briefing with our team, you will leave the beach and reach the dedicated area for wakeboarding.  You are (almost) ready to pop out to the water. Ensure one last time that your feet are not slipping and cannot pop out of the boots. Let you float, relying on your back thanks to your lifejacket and your board. Doing so, you should be sitting in the water. The instructor will then give you the handle and the rope. Now just relax.


To come out of the water, keep the knees flexible and slightly blent. Staying flexible will allow you to take the forward motion while adapting to the board movements. Same logic for your arms : not to bent, not to tight. Check that you are aligned with the boat, it will be easier to start. You can give the green light to the instructor : be ready to go!


Do not force yourself: the forward motion of the boat can be a little bit tough however it will pop you right up as long as you lean back and hold on. Now you can enjoy the ride : try some turns, play with the waves behind the boat : this playground is all yours.

Safety Rules

Swimming is mandatory. 


We are providing all the material and are ensuring that you get recent one, well maintained and checked: the rope, boat engine, boots etc. You will just need your swimwear to have a great time. 


We have a dedicated area for wakeboarding behind the swim area so you can have a safe session.


We recommend you to warm up before your session. Pay attention to back muscles, neck and arms as they are particularly in demand. Warm up correctly your knees. Take your time, do progressive movements et breathe !