Jet Ski hire

Jet Ski hire

Experience intense emotions on a jet ski

Every session is a unique experience.

We do our best to guarantee your safety while driving. Discover real adventure at the helm of one of the latest Jet Skis without a licence.



Both good teachers and tourist guides, they guarantee you will have a fun and memorable experience. Every season we choose new sea scooters, and instructors with official qualifications, prepared to supervise customers in the most difficult spots.

Come now! Visit us at the Port Grimaud water sports centre to talk about the activities best suited to you.


Because every customer is unique, our advice is too.










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There is nothing like water sports to make your holiday unforgettable.

You have never driven a jet ski, but you would love to try? Our 20 minute sessions in the Gulf of Saint
Tropez are ideal for beginners or seasonal visitors Take off for a thrilling and cultural experience supervised by accredited instructors..

You want to combine the colours of the rising sun and adrenalin surges?

It’s possible! During our 30-minute early-morning sessions enjoy peaceful sea-born outings close to the marine wildlife and flora.

A unique experience for the senses.

Glide over a calm sea aboard your jet ski, guided by instructors, and discover special sites on the Gulf of St Tropez which are inaccessible on foot, starting from Port Grimaud.


Tarifs & détails

Are you looking for extreme sensations?

Discover our jet ski outings to Pampelonne, one of the world’s most famous beaches! Recharge your batteries with breakfast, served in an idyllic setting. A 2 or 3-hour outing, with amazing runs in the waves for more daring and experienced riders. A fun outing with family or friends.







Tarifs & détails